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Passion - a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything

For as long as I can remember, going all the way back to when I was six-years-old, music has been my biggest passion. Writing wasn't far behind. What's life about if not connecting your passions and devoting your life to them? Don't we all owe that to ourselves?

So two decades ago I started doing some freelance music-writing and haven't looked back. 

Over the course of those 20  years I've written articles, blogs, interviews, on location for concert and festival reviews, and more. I've been interviewed and quoted about music in several publications as well, including: Inc., Big Takeover, Entrepreneur, SI Live, and more.  Although I've never stopped writing I expanded my music coverage by hosting a radio show for three years, started a record label (releasing both digital and vinyl music), co-hosted/co-produced a music podcast, and created a multimedia website. 


I am currently writing my first book, SLACKER - 1991, Teen Spirit Angst, and the Generation It Created due late 2023 via Inspired By You Books. 

In addition, I'm also a writer and editor for one of the largest and most popular music publications (over 1 million monthly views), on Medium, The Riff.

You can find my work at as well as on The Riff, Twitter, FB, and IG.


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