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Fisrt of all, THANK YOU for visiting my page.

Some of you may have come over from Generation Riff while others may have found this page via articles I've written on Medium and still others from my social media pages. Regardless of how you got here, I'm thrilled you're here.

Writing my first book, Slacker - 1991, Teen Spirit Angst, and the Generation It Created (due late 2023 via Inspired by You Books) is a daunting yet extremely exciting task. Having the opportunity to discuss the music that has essentially shaped my life and given me more than I can ever give back is something that I do not take for granted.

I aim to give readers and music lovers alike something they can not only read but feel as well. Music, and writing about music, deal with emotion as far as I'm concerned. While I try my best to discuss history, entertain, and educate with the topics I write about, my main goal is to help you tap into that passion that music naturally delivers. I'd like to think writing can be an extension of that goal.

So thanks again for taking this journey with me and check back often for news on the book, as well as other projects I'll be working on.

All my best,


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